Thu: Dec 22, 2016

You can now bike from DIA to Glenwood Springs. The article is a few months old but that's still great news.     #>

A Truly Classy Metal-Framed Mini CNC. That is adorable.     #>

How To Get Wireless Passwords At Airports When They Don’t Have Free Wifi. You'll need to burn a little bit of data on your phone, or find someone who can help you look it up, but handy none the less.     #>

Ingredient Weight Chart for baking (weights of flours and such...)     #>

How to Steal Secret Encryption Keys from Android and iOS SmartPhones. Well that's no good...     #>

Clear Stickers. Making them with a laser printer and packing tape...     #>

Building the Film Can Cannon. Hah, awesome, but where do you still get film canisters?     #>

Fallout Red Rocket. He makes such incredible things I'm in awe...     #>

Peanut Butter Shell. Two ingredients and you have peanut butter magic shell for your ice cream.     #>

Bloody Mary Popcorn. Ohhh.     #>

Rifle Mountain Park Ice Caves: A Winter Wonderland. I might have to take a road trip...     #>

SSHFS-Win - SSHFS for Windows. Awesome! There's also a fork that looks good: WinSshFS Foreveryone.     #>

Entangle, a camera tethering app for Linux.     #>

The mathematics of love | Hannah Fry. There is a use for statistics!     #>

2017 All Inclusive Binder. Wow, not kidding about all inclusive.     #>

Excel Task List. Interesting, I'm going to play with it and see if it works in LibreOffice.     #>

Lawsuit: Denver CARES Detox at Mile High Stadium Is a Moneymaking Scheme     #>

Jonathan Thomas is creating OpenShot Video Editor. I went in on the Kickstarter and I'm doing the Patreon backing for this. There's a strong need for an open-source video editor that's multi-platform and I'm glad that he's trying to address this.     #>

Magnets and Marbles !. That was amazing.     #>

Lakerol, my favorite Swedish thing (even more so than Ikea!) Look at those new flavors, I mean ginger-lime? Hells yeah! I have a buddy coming from Sweden soon, he's going to bring me some.     #>

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