Wed: Jun 25, 2014

Simple Tricks Can Tame The Taste Of Broccoli And Its Cousins. I've grown to really enjoy the taste of raw broccoli, but that may just be me...     #>

Free Your Android. Some good alternatives to the apps that track your every move. My phone's screen cracked recently so while I waited for the replacement screen to arrive I bought the same model off Craigslist, but this one had been updated to EhnDroix which is based on CyanogenMod 11. My current broken phone is CM10, as soon as I fix that screen I'm upgrading to this ROM (and continuing to use things from F-Droid that I trust...)     #>

Thunderbird Mail - Rebuilding the Global Database. Interesting that the only way to compact it is to delete it altogether.     #>

Lily Shred. Wow, I used to think my dog was fast...


The Feature Google Killed The + Command For — Direct Connect — Is Now Dead. Short-sighted jackasses.     #>

yunohost. Linux distribution geared towards self-hosting very useful tools (your own email, Dropbox clone, website, etc, etc.)     #>

Thermodo Heat Map. Neat idea but it makes me sad they are putting so much effort into the Apple app and ignoring the Android version.     #>

Try 'I Tradizionali,' A Temporary, Culinary Tattoo. That's awesome, maybe it'd get the 14-year old to actually do something in the kitchen...     #>

Supreme Court Says Phones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant. Not only does the decision make sense but it was unanimous? When was the last time the Court hit both of those at once?     #>

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