Mon: Jun 02, 2014

Google Camera Updated To v2.2 With The Return Of Timer, Auto-Cropping, And More [APK Download]. For some reason this isn't installing and working on my Nexus 4 with CyanogenMOD.     #>

Stop Buying Load Balancers and Start Controlling Your Traffic Flow with Software. Interesting, I see applications for this idea at work.     #>

Was fortunate to get to spend the weekend in Sydney during Vivid Sydney. They used high power projectors to paint not only the Opera House but several buildings around the Circular Quay area. Pretty sure the entirety of Sydney was out on Saturday night, the nice weather sure didn't hurt. Just one shot of the Opera House for now, though it was a constantly moving video with some really neat effects, on about a 10 minute loop.

Vivid Opera House     #>

Google brings you the ‘Edit Yourself’ form. If they can do it in Europe why not in the US? Oh right, because screw you that's why.     #>

Google just lost it. Didn't happen to me but I haven't installed Cyanogenmod in a while, something to look out for next time.     #>

Rooftop Tents Taking Off? More Models Introduced Into Cartop Market. Those are not cheap, for that price I got an awesome tent and trailer.     #>

My full backup strategy. When you make your living from your photography (and you have to earn your shots like he does) you want to be very very sure everything is backed up.     #>

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