Sat: May 17, 2014

Python and Flask Are Ridiculously Powerful. Nifty.     #>

DenyHosts Synchronization Mode. I've been using Fail2Ban but this is pretty brilliant.     #>

Next Big Thing You Missed: Inside Tindie, a Thriving New Marketplace for DIY Gadgets. Interesting.     #>

The Incomplete SSL/TLS Bookmark Collection     #>

Travel well, for business or pleasure. Binoculars and disposable razors? They seem to be all over the board with these recommendations.     #>

This Infographic Shows What You Can (and Can't) Turn Into Compost. They have nuts and egg-shells but I remember reading something about you can't compost walnuts and their shells, they turn the resulting soil toxic?     #>

Turnspit Dogs: The Rise And Fall Of The Vernepator Cur     #>

Knife Skills: The 4 Knife Cuts Every Cook Should Know     #>

Alex Puccio Takes You Inside Her World Cup Climbing Training. She is ridiculously strong...     #>

Gardeners' Gems: Designer Crops That Will Wow The Neighbors. That first picture is amazing, I'm not sure how I'd react seeing that.     #>

How to remove Google search and smaller tile in Chrome 33's new tab page?. I upgraded Chromium from a 2012 build and got that stupid search box, still haven't been able to get rid of it.     #>

How to Fix a Gas Grill. Not sure this will work on my grill, it's made by Jacuzzi Brothers (of the hot tubs...) and was bought by my parents sometime in the 70s. I did manage to find a place in Arkansas to get replacement grills (originals finally rusted out) but that was some years ago and I'm not sure if they had other parts...     #>

How To Tell When A Laugh Is Real: The Answer Is In A Breath     #>

Electrolytic Rust Removal Leaves Your Parts Shiny As New. Awesome.     #>

Custom Made. Interesting, they are a match-making service that will set you up with a craftsman to get your ideas made into something physical.     #>

Chromium Builds. If you want to use the Google Chrome web browser but not do it with the auto-tracking features Google uses (and without the auto-updates) this is the place to get Chromium from.     #>

Film on the Rocks 2014 schedule. Solid line-up this year.     #>

Snikt! X-Men fan builds working Wolverine claws. I like the results but I really liked the How-To video (2nd one on the page.) Talk about shop envy!     #>

Five horrifying maps of America's massive drought. Yikes, 100% of Cali? I'll continue to refer folks to the excellent book Cadillac Desert.     #>

WW2 Infantry Weapons and Their Effects. I found this oddly fascinating.


Fro-No: How New York City Soured on Frozen Yogurt. There's no way that boom was sustainable, I saw new Fro-Yo places popping up all over the place (and around the world as well.)     #>

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