Thu: May 15, 2014

AT&T’s GigaPower plans turn privacy into a luxury that few would choose. That's a hell of a price premium just to not be constantly advertised to and tracked.     #>

Can This Web Be Saved? Mozilla Accepts DRM, and We All Lose. Sad.     #>

What to get at Costco and what to forget . Consumer Reports weighs in on good and bad buys at Costco. Not a comprehensive list of everything in the store obviously.     #>

Injection Molding With Hot Glue. Clever.     #>

Illusion of Life. Animation rules from Disney's "Old Men". Amazing what you can do with just a box.     #>

YouTube shuts down public RSS feeds of user subscriptions. I'm not sure what sucks more, finding out they had an RSS feed when they shut it down, or getting used to it and having it yanked out from under me...     #>

Spurious Correlations, Hah, there is some great stuff there.     #>

Babun, a windows shell you will love! Cool, pre-packages Cygwin for you so you don't have to deal with the setup.exe process.     #>

List of Front Range Farmer's Markets. Looks like an average start date in June? Boulder and Longmont are already cranking along though...     #>

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