Tue: Apr 01, 2014

Crazy fast deadlines and workflow. Photographing the Olympics...     #>

Masterchef Synesthesia - Swede Mason. The amount of time and editing is amazing, plus it's kind of catchy.     #>

Exterminate All Rational Testaments. Hahahahaha.     #>

Nuclear Cowboyz. This was a surprisingly fun show to go to, I'm amazed at what they were able to pull off inside the very short track at the Pepsi Center.     #>

Not Fooling Anybody, a sub-Reddit full of pictures of places that used to be something else (the previous thing is usually very recognizable.)     #>

Electronic-Lab in a Box. Turned out nice.     #>

Mini-Lathe. I don't have projects off-hand that would use one but that doesn't stop me from wanting it... See also: Little Machine Shop value packs.     #>

Install LAMP Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) On RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux 6.5/6.4. Bookmarked for the single step of "mysql_secure_installation", which is something I hadn't run across before.     #>

Installing RPMforge. First thing I did when I spun up a couple new CentOS instances, the default software is sadly out of date.     #>

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR). Sounds awesome.

This is a route that starts in the 4 corners area of Colorado, and traverses all the way across the state to Wyoming, mainly on Backroads.

Apache, suEXEC and Virtual Hosts     #>

how to poach an egg in olive oil... Yum.     #>

The Tough Guide To Fantasyland. I may try to find a copy of that...     #>

What Photographers Need to Know About Model Releases     #>

Climb Out Of Cave: World's Longest Overhanging Roof Climb Conquered. Wow, just wow.     #>

Auto Pilot Mode Puts Your Phone in Airplane Mode When You Lose Signal. Pretty genius.     #>

Shelf Life of Pantry Items. I've blown right past a few of these, I'll take them more as "recommendations" than hard rules.     #>

Science: Gluten-Free Pizza Dough. That is really interesting but it appears the gluten free flour recipe they have linked off that video doesn't contain the same ingredients...     #>

MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display!. Awesome.     #>

The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch). This is my life.


The Coolest Homemade Tub & Shower Cleaner EVER: The DIY Scum Buster Bar     #>

MuPDF. Used this to add my details to an RMA form before printing, worked great.     #>

Falling for the Stars, The Lives of Hollywood Stunt Doubles     #>

Expired Domain Names. There's more behind an account sign-in link but this is kind of interesting, I like how you can sort by date first registered.     #>

A tour of the British Isles in accents. That's pretty good, but I think I'll stick with Jimmy Carr teaching accents...     #>

The Definitive Guide to Starting a Successful Photography Business. I've had people over the years tell me I should do photography as a business but they don't understand how much business and how little photography there is in that line of work. I'll stick to hobbyist thanks.     #>

Making crispy chicken breasts (I've avoided their bombastic title but this video is still worth watching if you cook chicken in a skillet.)


Use Virtualbox to Host Your Own Site, Mirror Your Tumblr or Wordpress. Clever. I've used it as a dev environment but not as a mirror.     #>

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