Thu: Mar 20, 2014

Wayne Brady Freestyles over the 5 Fingers of Death. Hahah, Wayne Brady is amazing.


Homemade European Food. Doesn't look like much from the outside but it's well worth stopping by. I've had the schnitzel, peirogies, Hunter Stew, and beerocks so far.     #>

FX Bikes. Wow, 125 pound motorcycle, bet that's a blast to ride.     #>

The Best Portable Solar Panel Review. Worth a look if you are planning to pick up something to recharge your phone or batteries while camping...     #>

CyanogenMod Installer. Putting this on my brand-new Nexus 7 now (haven't even pulled the plastic off). So far it's been an awesome experience, way better than manual rooting and ROM updating.     #>

The full moon calendar 2014. Trying to plan some camping in the desert (to get star trail photos).     #>

Faces of Time (2009 – 2014). Interesting.     #>

Micro Phone Lens 150x: Cell Phone Based Microscope. While I don't think this is for me I do have their Cell Phone Macro Lens and enjoy using it (works great). Based on their first lens I have no doubt they'll be able to deliver something awesome here.     #> Soon On More Platforms. Awesome. The only thing really holding me to Windows is Adobe Lightroom, if Adobe would get off their asses I'd happily re-buy it and switch over completely.     #>

Junk Food Mind Control. Does that mean TV commercials are particularly effective?     #>

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