Sun: Mar 16, 2014

Cholent: The Original Slow-Cooked Dish     #>

Salted Password Hashing - Doing it Right. If you are creating websites with authentication you need to read this.     #>

Super Simple Effect Makes Regular GIFs or Photos Seem Three Dimensional. Slick.     #>

A preview of 5280 Magazine’s Best New Restaurants. More places I haven't heard of...     #>

HOW TO: A guide to installing ML on the 7D with recent features. I have the beta of Magic Lantern on my 7d, I should probably update at some point...     #>

How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Plumber. Sooner or later you will need to know this...     #>

As Deadly as a DDoS: ICANN Unleashes the Whois Accuracy Program. What a load of crap, I already get enough spam that claims to be about my domain, now I have to be able to filter what's really and truly from my registrar?     #>

How To Make the Most of Your Cookbook Collection (An Eat Your Books Giveaway). I admit I have quite a stack and regularly ignore them in favor of things I find on the Internet. Still, I love the books (much like I love maps and wouldn't ever get rid of the paper versions I have...)     #>

Tutorial Shows Quick, Effective Method For Managing Stray Hairs in Post. I do know I much prefer taking the photo over the involvement of editing like this.     #>

360 Heroes. Used a bunch of GoPros with their custom holder to let you shoot 360° video.     #>

Advanced Copy Command – Shows Progress Bar While Copying Large Files/Folders in Linux. Handy.     #>

Flu Near You. Nice map.     #>

A Thorough Video Guide to Using a GoPro with a Quadcopter. Good stuff.     #>

Resume a scp transfer. Handy when I was trying to snag a 41gb file over an unreliable link.     #>

Choosing Secure Passwords. Worth a read.     #>

What's the difference between .bashrc, .bash_profile, and .environment?     #>

First Look: The North Face 'Ice Project' Climbing Backpack. Awesome and I think it'd work great for summer rock climbing as well.     #>

Vim 80 column layout concerns. I like the "highlight anything over 80 characters", I've added that to my .vimrc.     #>

Play this game to add 10 years to your life. Interesting TED talk.     #>

Solar Panel Setup around $100. Bonus points for the portability aspect (as well as the multimeter to tell you how much juice it's putting out.)     #>

Portable Pegboard Storage System Lets You Create Anywhere. That's pretty genius actually.     #>

I just signed up for Kona Kase since I am curious to see what kind of things they'll send. I also noticed there is Nature Box but honestly the Kona Kase sounded like a better deal (better variety for a better price.) I look forward to getting random snacks once a month (I did the three month plan, and used a coupon of "ReferKona095" that I found online, it knocked $5 off...)     #>

Wake Up And Smell The Caffeine. It's A Powerful Drug. Interesting:

Naturally extracted caffeine is burned out from heated-up coffee beans. But most of the caffeine used in soft drinks is actually synthetically produced in Chinese pharmaceutical plants. After visiting one of these plants — the world's largest, in fact — Carpenter can only describe it as "sketchy."

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