Mon: Jan 13, 2014

Trevor Noah - Live at the Apollo - London. Good stuff, would enjoy seeing an entire show of his.


Many Younger Facebook Users 'Unfriend' The Network. Good.     #>

Can You Walk on Water? (Non-Newtonian Fluid Pool). Awesome, I'd have loved to play in that.


Trader Joe's Ex-President To Turn Expired Food Into Cheap Meals.

Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's, is determined to repurpose the perfectly edible produce slightly past its sell-by date that ends up in the trash. (That happens in part because people misinterpret the labels, according to a out this week from Harvard and the Natural Resources Defense Council.) To tackle the problem, Rauch is opening a new market early next year in Dorchester, Mass., that will prepare and repackage the food at deeply discounted prices.

Anthill Art. Wow, I'd love to have one of those.


The Financial Benefits of Being Beautiful. There's more to life than being really really really good looking...     #>

Dark Sky Finder, used in conjunction with Clear Sky Chart should give you a good idea of where you can view celestial events (meteor showers anyone?)     #>

Is Sugar Addiction Why So Many January Diets Fail? Just looking at that photo makes me want the donut, and I don't even like donuts.     #>

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World. There's some pretty great stuff in there.     #>

Android and Google+ confusion outs trans woman. All of the sites I've found discussing the changes to Android made with KitKat (the newest version) seem to gush about how awesome SMS integration into Hangouts is, but I refuse to upgrade since I don't want all my text messages passing through Google. There's a reason I use SMS and not a text chat app.     #>

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