Tue: Dec 10, 2013

ipernity - Welcome Flickr Friends. I've signed up for a club account and am going through the import process now using the Flickr to ipernity migration tool (I'm using "Flickr.importer", though it's going to take a while to get all 2500 photos in...) Additionally there's a Lightroom ipernity plugin to make exports much easier.     #>

Aziz Ansari On Being Single. Hah.     #>

Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America . Fun video to watch (my dog does something similar, a giant vertical leap as the final part of a chase (for a ball, or stick, or anything that moves.)


Earth Treks Golden Climbing Center. It's open and it's nice. Double-bonus, it's close to my house.     #>

ExMplayer. A nice front-end for MPlayer that includes a few other goodies (thumbnail seeking, media cutter, audio extractor and convertor...) I normally use SMplayer but this looks like a nice upgrade, for Linux and Windows (as silly as it sounds the one thing about VLC that drives me crazy is you can't just use arrow keys to seek a minute at a time, it's either control-arrow or alt-arrow, I'd rather just be able to press the arrow key alone, thus I use other media players.)     #>

CyanogenMod rolls out encrypted text messaging by default. Yet another excellent reason to update your phone to CyanogenMod.     #>

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