Wed: Apr 18, 2012

aShow with Ze Frank. I am beyond thrilled that he's back, I've subscribed to the RSS so I won't miss an episode.     #>

How to decline a phone call with a custom text message on ICS. Cool feature.     #>

Amazon now lets you trade in your old CDs. Good to know but I was going to head down to Second Spin and see what I could get for my collection (since there's a physical store not too far from me.)     #>

CPU DB, specs for every CPU they can find.     #>

Create a Kickass, Seamless, Play-Everything Media Center: The Complete Guide. Someday I'll get around to this but right now I think getting a WD LiveTV that will let me stream is my next step (maybe the one with storage so I can play my ripped movies...)     #>

The Rules For Dating A Dirtbag. Since climbing is a lifestyle after all...     #>

"Don't Stop Believing" Sung By the Movies. I cannot imagine how long that took to assemble.


TSA Week in Review: Knife Zip-Tied to Handle of Bag. I cannot believe how proud of themselves they are that they caught a fucking can of soup.     #>

NVIDIA Driver Smart Scan, a Java app that will check your video card driver version and automatically download the update for you.     #>

How one man tried to become the healthiest person on the planet. I do enjoy his writing and will likely pick this up for my Nook.     #>

10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions. That oven rack cleaning one makes me wonder if I could use it on my BBQ grill racks...     #>

The Perils of Paying for Status. Interesting and well worth the read.     #>

How to Grow Your Own Salad in a Box. Great idea and works for apartment dwellers.     #>

Mossberg Flex. Pretty slick, I'm interested. Wonder when it'll be released.     #>

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