Sun: Apr 01, 2012

TrekPak Camera Bag Insert Adjusts with Pins Rather Than Velcro. I like that idea.     #>

AT Gear Nearly Indistinguishable from Downhill? Except for weight why wouldn't it be?     #>

Skeletor 2012. Heh.     #>

Cate Blanchett Shows Us How ‘No Airbrushing’ Is Done On The Cover Of Intelligent Life. That is a beautiful photo.     #>

10 Lightroom 4 Tips. I'm waiting for the new Scott Kelby book on LR 4...     #>

Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually. I read where someone called Best Buy "The Amazon Showroom" and thought that was apt.     #>

Amazing: The Poorest Households Spend 9% of Their Income on Lottery Tickets     #>

8-bit Google Maps. That's pretty awesome.     #>

About Girls Around Me. Wow, my under-sharing on FB and such is a huge win for me.     #>

Wind Map. Hypnotic and beautiful to watch.     #>

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