Fri: Feb 17, 2012

Does the GOP really want to go there on birth control? Aspirin huh?     #>

Westword Android App, for help finding restaurants and such. I just hope it's not the full reviews, the current and past reviewers can only be described as "wordy" (and generally take 3/4 of the article to get to the actual food...)     #>

Tip: Soak Onions in Water To Reduce Tears. I'm game, I'm getting tired of wearing swim goggles...     #>

The Front Line. I'd move if I could but what else offers what Flickr goes? SmugMug gets a lot of press as a place to store photos but part of Flickr is the community and that's pretty rare in other photo sites. Still, looks like Yahoo is doing it's best to grind Flickr into the ground...     #>

American Ninja Warrior 2012 - Submission Video. The campusing at :50 in and the hands-only movement at 2:24 in particular impressed me.     #>

There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions. Sadly so very few HR people seem to understand this.     #>

People Are Awesome. I have no idea what the title of this video has to do with the content, which was taken from a series of adventure films (I can name a few) but it's worth watching.     #>

Man suffers heart attack while dining at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. My buddy Narciso from Brazil really wants to go there, he was asking me all about it last month...     #>

Are You Related To King Charlemagne? Never heard of "Pedigree Collapse" before but it makes sense.     #>

DIY Pipe Shelving Unit. Nice!     #>

How Before and After Bodybuilding Photos are Often Faked. I'd read about this before but the videos (especially the second one) really bring it home.     #>

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